The Season Ends

Last Sunday, MultiFlex Season -1 ended with Gameations building a small enclosure for some farms, and getting another beacon for the town. A world download is now available to the other members, and will be available the next week. Season 1 and following seasons will likely take place in the span of every summer break, to increase member productivity and appearances. Also, if Dontask does not reform his channel with his appropriate name and making his videos public, he will not be part of future seasons, as the SMP is a Youtuber SMP.

Season -1 Update

Dontask, Pillow, Higam, and I have been continuing our survival series, MultiFlex Season -1, and have recently defeated the Wither. After loading up the world in singleplayer, I have been doing some exploring, and found some biomes, an ocean monument (coincidencially the same one on the map i bought from a cartographer a long while back), and more, because the server is too laggy to generate chunks while flying. The Wither fight stream was the shortest of all of my streams, which I find funny.

Season -1 playlist

The Grind for Netherite!

Starting today, the MultiFLEX team is going to be starting to mine for ancient debris, for netherite ingots and gear. I am planning on making 2 sets of gear, as well as 2 fortune picks, another silk touch pick, and a hoe, so I have 1.25 stacks of debris to collect! Stop by for the stream today at 4!

Recording something…

Pillow and I are going to be recording a video later….


Sapitus SMP is Back!

The Sapitus Napitus SMP (also known as the Bootleg Dream SMP) is back with a season 2, and I’m streaming on my Youtube channel at 4:30!

Automated Farms and More!

Recently on the MultiFLEX Season -1 server, we have been constructing villager breeders, getting mending, making trading halls, and now, an iron farm! Stop by for the stream tomorrow, where we will be creating our very first iron farm!

The “End” is Near

No, not just any type of end. The End. As in Minecraft. If you have been watching my live stream SMP series, you would know that the MultiFLEX team is getting closer to beating the Ender Dragon. The Dragon fight will be taking place once all of us have our gear sorted out, and shortly after Optifine for 1.16.1 releases. Until then, I will still be streaming, and I did a stream yesterday.

MC Streams!

As you may know, I have started a new survival series with my friends Dontask and Discomage, and have been streaming it on Youtube (see previous post). There are several reasons I am streaming instead of making videos, some being that I want to get better at streaming, I am using a different computer that I cannot properly record on and cannot edit on, and this is just a practice season of MultiFLEX.

Here are some links:

My Youtube channel

Dontask’s Youtube Channel

Playlist for this series

The sixth stream

The seventh stream:

Minecraft Survival!

Recently I started a new Minecraft 1.15.2 survival series with my friends Dontask (Dontask66) and Discomage (xxDISCOMAGExx), and have been streaming it on Youtube! This series is basically a practice for a new series/several series we will be doing and making videos about in future.


We’re done fellas!

With the resource pack now having edited sounds, in-game systems fixed, and bugs squished, my Minecraft map appears to be complete!

Using some resource sounds I found in other resource packs, I have put together a collection of sounds that are fitting for my map. I have also ran several test runs, and fixed the bugs found. For a while, the map has been at CV20 (Checkpoint Version 20), the final version. All basic additions have been added, and everything else is done. I will play the map soon with a friend, and create a video for my Youtube channel.