My Trip to India – Summer of 2017 – PART 4


Ramadan is here! Either way, this is the most exciting part of this trip. After Ramadan, I finally got to try the treadmill my grandparents’ owned and were tuning it up to sell. It was already pretty good and it working condition. I loved going fast and sometimes at speed 90. Sometimes, I go to 100. That’s how I increased my speed by the time we came home and school started. From then on, everything I did was super speedy. I spoke fast (I already did, but now faster), obviously ran fast, walked fast, even took showers fast (well they were snail slow, so now they are turtle slow), and I even ate fast (most of the time). Once, we went to an Indian wedding, something I had never been in. They don’t kiss, they just have a huge party. There was a night before it when they prepared everything, and me and my little sister (Aisha) ran from the front entrance to the to the back entrance (pretty much an exit) about a million times. I had races with my brother and some other kids, sometimes with my cousins. The next morning, we went ot the actual wedding, and Aisha sometimes sat in the bride’s chair. It was SO FUN!!! Later I heard my dad was coming back to Chennai for our trip back to Washington DC. That trip took 3 (probably 2 1/2 days) and we were SO sleepy at the end. The fortunate part is that our jet lag went away before school started. Soon, it was time to head back to Chennai. The flight back to Chennai was worse than the one to Coimbatore. We stayed in Chennai for 2 weeks or so and then…


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