My Trip to India – Summer of 2017 – PART 3

We arrived in Coimbatore at midday on a Friday. I took a bath earlier and then I was changing my clothes and freshening up after the chilly, boring trip. My grandparents’ house was kind of old and had 1 floor above us that my grandfather did not own. He and my grandmother only owned the 1st floor. We spent the first week or so getting used to this house. Finally, after a while, my brother and I started to watch some movies every once in a while because there was absolutely nothing to do. There were 2 entrances, a place to park the car, a broken down motorcycle like the one my uncle had except black and would work better, and a garden. Often 2 cats, black and white, or 2 white cats would come into the garden and find something to eat. They never did. Sometimes we couldn’t watch movies and those times were often. I really liked Transformers so I had an idea. It was going to make paper Transformer toys for my entertainment. The first one turned out really weird but it wasn’t bad. It just was a paper box stuck to some legs that folded back and arms that folded back too. That one wasn’t too bad for a starter and it was a Decepticon. My second one was an Autobot and it had a name but I can’t remember what it was. The Decepticon never had a name. my 3rd one was the best. It was an Autobot, had epic stuff, and was supposed to be able to change into a jet/rocket thing and a truck. It only changed into a jet/rocket thing and it was the best ever! I kept it safe and stored away and played with the other 2. Rarely I would take it out of it’s box I put it in and check to see if it was broken. After a very, very long time, it was almost time for Ramadan, Islam’s most blessed month. That, itself, is a whole other story…

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