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Weird Yoda Picture

Does this picture of Yoda look weird to anyone??

Weird Yoda Picture

My Trip to India – Summer of 2017 – PART 5

We arrived at the Chennai International Airport (I think that was the name) and it wasn’t as good as the other airports I had seen. The last time I went through it was at night when we came to Chennai, and I was half asleep. After the baggage and the other stuff, we sat down and waited for boarding to start for almost half of an hour. Finally, we started boarding. We got to our seats, eventually. We had to go through all the pushing and squeezing just to get to 4 seats. Wait, 4 seats?! We need 5 seats! Luckily, there was one seat in the back of the plane and my dad sat there. They served 2 meals (maybe 3) and we had limited choice of movies and gamed. This flight was just like the one we took from Dubai to Chennai on our way here. So, no pizza. We landed, just like last time, didn’t pick up check-in luggage, and went for doing stuff until next flight started boarding. It was the HUGE Emirates flight we took to the Dubai airport and this airport itself was AMAZING! There was one problem: Our flight got delayed while being loaded with food, fuel, and emptying the you-know-what tanks.
So we had to stay in the Dubai Airport for the next 12 or so hours. I fell asleep 2-4 times and we bought a lot of stuff. I even got to eat a donut for only the 2nd time in my life! We went to this kids play area and I met this kid and we played hide-and-tag. We took turns being it and then it was finally time to go! BOARDING!!! After waiting a great deal of time, we were finally going to go home. We boarded the Emirates flight and it was just like the one we took from Washington DC to Dubai, but was loaded with all new movies, and new food. They still kept the pizza though! The one main reasonable explanation: We were in India for 3 months. It was totally reasonable because I had calculated it. I watched all the movies on my Watch Movies list except the ones that were not available on the flight’s storage system. I expected the pizza and we got it. At least the people who were awake. Nearing the end of the trip, after breakfast, The lights turned on and all the trash we collected was on my tray. A cup of juice fell on my pants and my shirt. I changed them on board. Turned out to be a good thing because I was wearing a short-sleeve shirt and the one a wore after the incident was long-sleeve and Washington DC is cold. Also, the “new” pants were comfier. After all the getting baggage and stuff, we finally came home. I really miss my uncle, my aunt, my cousins, and my grandparents. This is the story of my trip to India this summer-  the summer of 2017!


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My Trip to India – Summer of 2017 – PART 4


Ramadan is here! Either way, this is the most exciting part of this trip. After Ramadan, I finally got to try the treadmill my grandparents’ owned and were tuning it up to sell. It was already pretty good and it working condition. I loved going fast and sometimes at speed 90. Sometimes, I go to 100. That’s how I increased my speed by the time we came home and school started. From then on, everything I did was super speedy. I spoke fast (I already did, but now faster), obviously ran fast, walked fast, even took showers fast (well they were snail slow, so now they are turtle slow), and I even ate fast (most of the time). Once, we went to an Indian wedding, something I had never been in. They don’t kiss, they just have a huge party. There was a night before it when they prepared everything, and me and my little sister (Aisha) ran from the front entrance to the to the back entrance (pretty much an exit) about a million times. I had races with my brother and some other kids, sometimes with my cousins. The next morning, we went ot the actual wedding, and Aisha sometimes sat in the bride’s chair. It was SO FUN!!! Later I heard my dad was coming back to Chennai for our trip back to Washington DC. That trip took 3 (probably 2 1/2 days) and we were SO sleepy at the end. The fortunate part is that our jet lag went away before school started. Soon, it was time to head back to Chennai. The flight back to Chennai was worse than the one to Coimbatore. We stayed in Chennai for 2 weeks or so and then…


My Trip to India – Summer of 2017 – PART 3

We arrived in Coimbatore at midday on a Friday. I took a bath earlier and then I was changing my clothes and freshening up after the chilly, boring trip. My grandparents’ house was kind of old and had 1 floor above us that my grandfather did not own. He and my grandmother only owned the 1st floor. We spent the first week or so getting used to this house. Finally, after a while, my brother and I started to watch some movies every once in a while because there was absolutely nothing to do. There were 2 entrances, a place to park the car, a broken down motorcycle like the one my uncle had except black and would work better, and a garden. Often 2 cats, black and white, or 2 white cats would come into the garden and find something to eat. They never did. Sometimes we couldn’t watch movies and those times were often. I really liked Transformers so I had an idea. It was going to make paper Transformer toys for my entertainment. The first one turned out really weird but it wasn’t bad. It just was a paper box stuck to some legs that folded back and arms that folded back too. That one wasn’t too bad for a starter and it was a Decepticon. My second one was an Autobot and it had a name but I can’t remember what it was. The Decepticon never had a name. my 3rd one was the best. It was an Autobot, had epic stuff, and was supposed to be able to change into a jet/rocket thing and a truck. It only changed into a jet/rocket thing and it was the best ever! I kept it safe and stored away and played with the other 2. Rarely I would take it out of it’s box I put it in and check to see if it was broken. After a very, very long time, it was almost time for Ramadan, Islam’s most blessed month. That, itself, is a whole other story…

My Trip to India – Summer of 2017 – PART 2

We arrived at midnight on a Thursday and I was half asleep. We entered my mom’s side uncle’s house and only him, his wife, and one of my younger cousins were there. My other 2 cousins in this family were somewhere else. I still don’t know where they were. The next morning, I opened a new Lego set a friend of my dad gave to me before the trip. I completed it in half of an hour but we had to go outside for something. It was my first time in years to actually see a day in India. For some reason, I pictured a different house and my other cousins, but I think that place we will go next time. It was probably my mom’s side aunt’s family that I saw the last time we went there. A week or 2 after we arrived, my dad went back home to go to work. I saw many things you won’t see here in the US. Number one, India is SO unhygienic (no offense to Indians, me being one myself). Second, there are SO many annoying mosquitoes. At least they aren’t as dangerous as the ones here, but they will still suck your blood and it is extremely annoying. Later when we went to Coimbatore (right now we’re in Chennai) we accidentally took an electric mosquito swatter from here and there was one there, so 2. Later I figured it was too hot to wear my sneakers anymore so I got these sneaker-like shoes that have spaces so your feet don’t feel hot. I also stopped wearing socks because it also is hot. My uncle had a motorcycle that could fit 3 people and had a foot platform. Finally, after a few weeks, my grandparents (who were staying in my uncle’s house to greet us) left to Coimbatore back home. A day or so after they left, we went too. The small local flight had so much more noise from the engines than the international flights and they didn’t have screens. We have arrived in Coimbatore, India!

My Trip to India – Summer of 2017 – PART 1

This summer me and my family went to India for our vacation and a surgery. A week or 2 after we arrived, my dad went back home to go to work. I saw many things you won’t see here in the US. Number one, India is SO unhygienic (no offense to Indians, me being one myself). Second, there are SO many annoying mosquitoes. At least they aren’t as dangerous as the ones here, but they will still suck your blood and it is extremely annoying. For that reason, we had 2 electric mosquito swatters.

Starting with the beginning of the trip, we drove from NC all the way to the Washington DC Dulles International Airport. We were sitting there and going around for a few hours, just waiting for our flight to start boarding. We were going to take an Emirates flight, an airline I had been on before. Finally, after all the waiting, our flight began boarding. It took some time, but we eventually found our seats and they started to give the announcements in 2 different languages, Arabic and English, because we were going to Dubai. I waited through all the boring announcements, and I was anxious to see what you could do on the screens I didn’t know would be there and if I had seen them before, I had definitely forgot about it. It could do so many things!!! I could play Battleship with my brother who was 3 seats away, call international calls or seat calls (the international ones costed you money) , so I called my brother 3 times, but BEST OF ALL, you could watch as many movies as you like if they were on the plane’s system storage. I watched a lot of movies, and I mean a lot. At one point, they even served little oval-shaped pizza to the passengers who were awake at that time (midnight!). Finally after we landed (which was pretty fun), we entered the airport but we did not pick up the check-in baggage because we had a connecting flight to Chennai, India, where some of my cousins lived. Turns out the trip had taken a whole day! We stayed there for quite a while, and finally we started boarding. This flight was another Emirates flight but it was smaller, had less movies ad games, and they didn’t serve pizza. FINALLY! We have arrived in Chennai, India!