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Myrtle Beach Week Trip

Last month we went on a week trip to North Myrtle Beach a.k.a. Cherry Grove Beach, and no, we did not spend the whole trip going to the beach several times every day. Although we did still spend most of the trip going to the beach, we still went some other places. The hotel we stayed in was unlike other hotels I had gone to before. The hotel was called Buena Vista Plaza. One of the other places we went to was the Cinemark movie theater, at which we watched the fairly recently released Incredibles 2. I’d rate it 4 1/2 stars. Another place we went was the Shawarma Co. restaurant, twice. Shortly before the trip and (i think) 2 times during the trip, we went to a big store and bought a bunch of stuff, unfortunately resulting in a “kind-of-uncomfortable-but-then-is-still-fine-due-to-unknown-circumstances” return trip on Saturday morning. Attached to this post are a few pictures of the beach:

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