A Minecrafter’s Mission

So that’s the name of the map, A Minecrafter’s Mission. A bit strange, but works. In the “How to Solve the Rubik’s Cube” video, one of my friends, Rehan Mahmood got a shoutout for the idea for the video in the first place. We have been friends for a very long time, and so we came up with the idea for him to come to my house, and we would play the map, and I would record it and turn it into a video. I actually have already prepared the thumbnail and I’m almost ready, but since this video has another person in it, it may be a bit harder to edit, resulting in more time required. I have brought work on the map to a temporary halt, and it is called A Minecrafter’s Mission CV10 (Checkpoint Version 10) which will be a soon-to-come video. If the video cannot be made soon, unlike the last time I thought of this, I will continue the map’s work, so if you have any suggestions, please comment below. Click HERE to see details about the map and it’s play.

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