Learn to Solve… THE RUBIK’S CUBE

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I’ve got a video for you…

Channel Update

I have been recently posting several videos on my Youtube channel, and below is the most recent video. Be sure to check out my actual channel webpage –HERE–

Hope you enjoy the video!

New Video

Minecraft Maps

So me and my friend, Gabriel, also known as TheNeonCreeper88 thought maybe we could do some videos together, maybe even some Minecraft map plays, and I remembered this cool map called Anti-Apocalypse Agency, so I thought maybe we could play it and also I have recently been working on my own custom map, that’s name will not be revealed as of now, but keep an eye out, as those videos may be coming soon on both our Youtube channels…

New PB!!

Today I got a new Personal Best at the 3×3 Rubik’s Cube! Only 21 seconds! I also got 25 seconds and yesterday I got 28 seconds, all of which beat Ethan’s 38 seconds, which he beat me with last week, when my Personal Best was 43, and so was his.

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Yesterday for Thanksgiving my whole family decided to go watch Wreck-it Ralph 2 – Ralph Breaks the Internet, which was released the day before. The movie didn’t turn out to be as good as a expected, although the main idea was consistent and still had it’s good parts. A lot of things used and/or hosted on the internet, our World Wide Web, were successfully represented in physical? forms and looks. The fact that a code (Ralph himself) could be converted/recorded into a video was kinda strange. though. All in all, I think Disney used their good sequel ideas for The Incredibles 2 and reused ideas from the original movie. I still do think they can do better, because usually sci-fi movies are the easiest to make a sequel for, and when that’s done, they can easily make more sequels and prequels with no problem, but that isn’t the case with really good reputation animated movies such as The Lego Movie, The Incredibles, and of course, Wreck-It Ralph.4 1-4 rating4 1/4 rating


Today’s my sister’s birthday and she’s turning five!!!!!!!! 😊


I know I’ve been saying I was going to post the Minecraft series videos but I just can’t get the right time to play and record with my brother, who is really busy. BTW, the worlds that will be used for the videos are hosted by my brother, so yeah…


MY CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This actually didn’t happen recently at all…


As I was saying, I have a Youtube channel! The channel name is Gameations. I post primarily Minecraft content, a bit of KSP (Kerbal Space Program) content, and formerly Transformers stop-motion videos. BTW, HI RYAN RIVERA!!!!!!!!