My Trip to India – Summer of 2017 – PART 2

We arrived at midnight on a Thursday and I was half asleep. We entered my mom’s side uncle’s house and only him, his wife, and one of my younger cousins were there. My other 2 cousins in this family were somewhere else. I still don’t know where they were. The next morning, I opened a new Lego set a friend of my dad gave to me before the trip. I completed it in half of an hour but we had to go outside for something. It was my first time in years to actually see a day in India. For some reason, I pictured a different house and my other cousins, but I think that place we will go next time. It was probably my mom’s side aunt’s family that I saw the last time we went there. A week or 2 after we arrived, my dad went back home to go to work. I saw many things you won’t see here in the US. Number one, India is SO unhygienic (no offense to Indians, me being one myself). Second, there are SO many annoying mosquitoes. At least they aren’t as dangerous as the ones here, but they will still suck your blood and it is extremely annoying. Later when we went to Coimbatore (right now we’re in Chennai) we accidentally took an electric mosquito swatter from here and there was one there, so 2. Later I figured it was too hot to wear my sneakers anymore so I got these sneaker-like shoes that have spaces so your feet don’t feel hot. I also stopped wearing socks because it also is hot. My uncle had a motorcycle that could fit 3 people and had a foot platform. Finally, after a few weeks, my grandparents (who were staying in my uncle’s house to greet us) left to Coimbatore back home. A day or so after they left, we went too. The small local flight had so much more noise from the engines than the international flights and they didn’t have screens. We have arrived in Coimbatore, India!

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