My Trip to India – Summer of 2017 – PART 1

This summer me and my family went to India for our vacation and a surgery. A week or 2 after we arrived, my dad went back home to go to work. I saw many things you won’t see here in the US. Number one, India is SO unhygienic (no offense to Indians, me being one myself). Second, there are SO many annoying mosquitoes. At least they aren’t as dangerous as the ones here, but they will still suck your blood and it is extremely annoying. For that reason, we had 2 electric mosquito swatters.

Starting with the beginning of the trip, we drove from NC all the way to the Washington DC Dulles International Airport. We were sitting there and going around for a few hours, just waiting for our flight to start boarding. We were going to take an Emirates flight, an airline I had been on before. Finally, after all the waiting, our flight began boarding. It took some time, but we eventually found our seats and they started to give the announcements in 2 different languages, Arabic and English, because we were going to Dubai. I waited through all the boring announcements, and I was anxious to see what you could do on the screens I didn’t know would be there and if I had seen them before, I had definitely forgot about it. It could do so many things!!! I could play Battleship with my brother who was 3 seats away, call international calls or seat calls (the international ones costed you money) , so I called my brother 3 times, but BEST OF ALL, you could watch as many movies as you like if they were on the plane’s system storage. I watched a lot of movies, and I mean a lot. At one point, they even served little oval-shaped pizza to the passengers who were awake at that time (midnight!). Finally after we landed (which was pretty fun), we entered the airport but we did not pick up the check-in baggage because we had a connecting flight to Chennai, India, where some of my cousins lived. Turns out the trip had taken a whole day! We stayed there for quite a while, and finally we started boarding. This flight was another Emirates flight but it was smaller, had less movies ad games, and they didn’t serve pizza. FINALLY! We have arrived in Chennai, India!

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