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MC Streams!

As you may know, I have started a new survival series with my friends Dontask and Discomage, and have been streaming it on Youtube (see previous post). There are several reasons I am streaming instead of making videos, some being that I want to get better at streaming, I am using a different computer that I cannot properly record on and cannot edit on, and this is just a practice season of MultiFLEX.

Here are some links:

My Youtube channel

Dontask’s Youtube Channel

Playlist for this series

The sixth stream

The seventh stream:

Minecraft Survival!

Recently I started a new Minecraft 1.15.2 survival series with my friends Dontask (Dontask66) and Discomage (xxDISCOMAGExx), and have been streaming it on Youtube! This series is basically a practice for a new series/several series we will be doing and making videos about in future.


Change is Imminent…

I will be changing the name of my blog and Youtube channel to Gameations very soon. It is a combination of video games and animations, since that sums up my blog and channel. I have already designed a new logo and have finally made a REAL intro for my videos. Prepare yourselves….

Bugs are Pests…

No, not that type of bug.

My Minecraft map, A Minecrafter’s Mission is full of game bugs. I juts ran a test run with my sister to check for bugs, and there were plenty, but not that bad that I can’t fix. Once these bugs are corrected, a few more test runs are ran, and quadruple checking is done, I will run a play with my friends and upload a video on Youtube. Then, I’ll upload it to the Minecraft Maps website, so anyone can play.

The main point is that the map is in final stages.

Map’s (almost) Done!

My Minecraft adventure map, A Minecrafter’s Mission is (almost technically) complete! A play video will go up on my channel sometime soon. Testfor systems, speech text, and minor bug fixes are required. Glitching bugs are the hardest to squish. Anyway, it’s almost done and I will have to run several test runs before I will upload it to the Minecraft Maps website. Game out…

2019-10-14_18.28.09 2019-10-16_20.04.05 2019-10-18_20.05.15

This was the Enemy Base during construction. I took these to see the progress being made.

Apex PeakTique

So, today I visited the 3rd annual PeakTique Antiques and Collectibles Festival 2019 with my parents while my brother volunteered there. We bought a few things, such as a “canoe” table, old-fashioned telephone, etc. Two things that definitely caught my eye were the old telephones and a ribbon typewriter. These things are only from the last century. Imagine how many technological advancements have been made. Click HERE to visit the official website. Unfortunately, I was unable to get photos.

Stop-Motion… Rubik’s Cubes!

Well stop-motion is fun and worth going back to doing.

Learn to Solve… THE RUBIK’S CUBE

Gather ’round everyone, free knowledge! Come and get it!

New PB!!

Today I got a new Personal Best at the 3×3 Rubik’s Cube! Only 21 seconds! I also got 25 seconds and yesterday I got 28 seconds, all of which beat Ethan’s 38 seconds, which he beat me with last week, when my Personal Best was 43, and so was his.


Today’s my sister’s birthday and she’s turning five!!!!!!!! 😊