A Minecrafter’s Mission – Custom Map

A Minecrafter’s Mission


A Minecrafter’s Mission is a custom Minecraft adventure map created by Gameations, a rather un-popular Youtuber, and the owner of this website. As of November 28, the map is in it’s final stages. The map is a secret agent themed adventure map in which (at the start) the player is recruited and supposedly already gone through basic training (regular Minecraft stuff) and has arrived at the agency’s headquarters beside his/her partner(s). The map is created to be played with 2-3 players, but is recommended to be played with 2 players. There are some specific required settings the player must switch to before playing. The map uses a resource pack created by Gameations, rarely updated, but done when needed to, and is created using the Nova Skin Resource Pack Editor. External (in-game) modifications have been made (not “mods” mods) such as icon changing, description, world textures, etc.


When the player enters the world, the first step is to ensure the resource pack is working, if not, then download the external resource pack. Then make sure the other player(s) have the pack enabled. Next, by some form of multi-player connection, the other player(s) needs to join the map world. Once that is complete, the players, will read the signs, and click the yellow (with resource pack) button. They will be transported to a tiny stone room, and must find their way out. It isn’t too hard though. Once they have left the room, the “agents” must go to collect their armor and weaponry, to the right. Then go to the front desk on the bottom floor. The bottom floor is one huge room, unlike the upper floor, with regular rooms and hallways. After getting information and whatever else they need, the agents need to go upstairs. They may explore the mini constructions downstairs, but still need to go upstairs. Once upstairs, the agents may explore as many rooms as they want, but it is recommended for them to go to the upstairs front desk, get what they need, and begin Mission 1, which is like a warm-up mission, just fighting enemies. When you complete that mission, you will get a key, which in turn, will help you access the “locked” rooms. When you are done exploring, and gathering items for your help, you should go ahead and complete the rest of the missions. There are secret rooms hidden throughout the headquarters. Mission 5 cannot be accessed unless the player completes the “treasure hunt” through the various rooms and offices, but they also must complete Missions 1-4.

Mission Details:

Each of the missions the agents will play have different objectives and some require smart thinking.

Mission 1 – This mission is a simple warm-up mission, in which you just defeat enemies, familiarizing the player with the enemies. Big Boss Bad Guys are Minecraft Vindicators, but use the resource pack and look different. The Evil Scientists are clearly Witches, with resource pack editing. The most generic “baddy” is the Skeleton, which is an Enemy Guard. The final enemy is the Final Boss, which is a super-powered Zombie.

Mission 2 – In this next mission, the agents must obtain 6 pieces of paper, which are important documents, and then deposit them into a chest in the Missions Hall. The agents eventually sneak their way back into the room in which they fought the Evil Scientists in Mission 1, but there are Enemy Guards there instead. The secret holding area has been exposed, and the agents must defeat the guards, get the documents, and, unlike in Mission 1, the exit is a secret tunnel in a different corner of the room.

Mission 3 – 2 Objectives: deactivate the enemy’s “only” weaponry network, steal an Ancient Artifact, and get out. There are a few twists, and the mission isn’t completely finished, but it should be a piece of cake, right? Wrong. This mission requires thinking to succeed.

Mission 4 – The agents are sent into a random room, must fight some Enemy Guards, find a way out, and continue to the other room, where a message from the Final Boss tells them he is waiting for them. Then the mission ends. No real work is required. It is primarily a story level.

Mission 5 – The agents are transported into the Enemy Base (somehow), and will fight Enemy Guards and Evil Scientists, until they find their way to the first Final Boss fight room. The first Final Boss cannot be defeated, except if the agents continue for a long while. The objective is to simply push a button on the other side of the room in the ceiling. There are also Super Guards, which are actually Wither Skeletons under a texture change. Once the button is pushed, a wall of gravel will fall from the ceiling and will divide the agents and the Final Boss. The Final Boss will “escape” (the actual mob is killed), and a tunnel is opened for the agents by The Boss, the (good guy) agency’s boss. The tunnel will lead to a regular hallway in the Enemy Base and the agents will be forced to enter the second Final Boss fight room. They will have to fight the Final Boss again, this time with 8 Super Guards. Once he is defeated, another hallway will open up and the agents will proceed, leading to a player splitter, where the agents will be sent to a small room, where The Boss is giving a speech about their victory. The Map-Maker (me) will tell the players the map is completed and the players will be shown the internals of the map. Then they will be sent into a room similar to the blue room at the beginning of the map but this time with only a button and wall-bound fences. Pushing the button will display the map title once more, and the map will be completed.