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The Grind for Netherite!

Starting today, the MultiFLEX team is going to be starting to mine for ancient debris, for netherite ingots and gear. I am planning on making 2 sets of gear, as well as 2 fortune picks, another silk touch pick, and a hoe, so I have 1.25 stacks of debris to collect! Stop by for the stream today at 4!

Recording something…

Pillow and I are going to be recording a video later….


Sapitus SMP is Back!

The Sapitus Napitus SMP (also known as the Bootleg Dream SMP) is back with a season 2, and I’m streaming on my Youtube channel at 4:30!

Automated Farms and More!

Recently on the MultiFLEX Season -1 server, we have been constructing villager breeders, getting mending, making trading halls, and now, an iron farm! Stop by for the stream tomorrow, where we will be creating our very first iron farm!