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Bugs are Pests…

No, not that type of bug.

My Minecraft map, A Minecrafter’s Mission is full of game bugs. I juts ran a test run with my sister to check for bugs, and there were plenty, but not that bad that I can’t fix. Once these bugs are corrected, a few more test runs are ran, and quadruple checking is done, I will run a play with my friends and upload a video on Youtube. Then, I’ll upload it to the Minecraft Maps website, so anyone can play.

The main point is that the map is in final stages.

Map’s (almost) Done!

My Minecraft adventure map, A Minecrafter’s Mission is (almost technically) complete! A play video will go up on my channel sometime soon. Testfor systems, speech text, and minor bug fixes are required. Glitching bugs are the hardest to squish. Anyway, it’s almost done and I will have to run several test runs before I will upload it to the Minecraft Maps website. Game out…

2019-10-14_18.28.09 2019-10-16_20.04.05 2019-10-18_20.05.15

This was the Enemy Base during construction. I took these to see the progress being made.

Progress Continues…

Yesterday, I finally have started working on my Minecraft map after a few months. My friend Zeezo, also known as Zeezo BTW on Youtube, will be playing the map with me and I will record the play of it. However it is only at Checkpoint Version 13 right now. I have added Mission 4 and will soon be adding the intro to Mission 5.


This is the Starting Room however, which has been in the map since Checkpoint Version 3.