We’re done fellas!

With the resource pack now having edited sounds, in-game systems fixed, and bugs squished, my Minecraft map appears to be complete!

Using some resource sounds I found in other resource packs, I have put together a collection of sounds that are fitting for my map. I have also ran several test runs, and fixed the bugs found. For a while, the map has been at CV20 (Checkpoint Version 20), the final version. All basic additions have been added, and everything else is done. I will play the map soon with a friend, and create a video for my Youtube channel.

Change is Imminent…

I will be changing the name of my blog and Youtube channel to Gameations very soon. It is a combination of video games and animations, since that sums up my blog and channel. I have already designed a new logo and have finally made a REAL intro for my videos. Prepare yourselves….

Bugs are Pests…

No, not that type of bug.

My Minecraft map, A Minecrafter’s Mission is full of game bugs. I juts ran a test run with my sister to check for bugs, and there were plenty, but not that bad that I can’t fix. Once these bugs are corrected, a few more test runs are ran, and quadruple checking is done, I will run a play with my friends and upload a video on Youtube. Then, I’ll upload it to the Minecraft Maps website, so anyone can play.

The main point is that the map is in final stages.

Map’s (almost) Done!

My Minecraft adventure map, A Minecrafter’s Mission is (almost technically) complete! A play video will go up on my channel sometime soon. Testfor systems, speech text, and minor bug fixes are required. Glitching bugs are the hardest to squish. Anyway, it’s almost done and I will have to run several test runs before I will upload it to the Minecraft Maps website. Game out…

2019-10-14_18.28.09 2019-10-16_20.04.05 2019-10-18_20.05.15

This was the Enemy Base during construction. I took these to see the progress being made.

Progress Continues…

Yesterday, I finally have started working on my Minecraft map after a few months. My friend Zeezo, also known as Zeezo BTW on Youtube, will be playing the map with me and I will record the play of it. However it is only at Checkpoint Version 13 right now. I have added Mission 4 and will soon be adding the intro to Mission 5.


This is the Starting Room however, which has been in the map since Checkpoint Version 3.

Apex PeakTique

So, today I visited the 3rd annual PeakTique Antiques and Collectibles Festival 2019 with my parents while my brother volunteered there. We bought a few things, such as a “canoe” table, old-fashioned telephone, etc. Two things that definitely caught my eye were the old telephones and a ribbon typewriter. These things are only from the last century. Imagine how many technological advancements have been made. Click HERE to visit the official website. Unfortunately, I was unable to get photos.

New Videos!!

Following the release of these videos, either The Reverse Flash’s Revengeor A Minecrafter’s Mission – Custom Map CV10, will be released. However, you should definitely watch these videos first. Click the end screen video for A Tale of 3 Flashes.

A Minecrafter’s Mission

So that’s the name of the map, A Minecrafter’s Mission. A bit strange, but works. In the “How to Solve the Rubik’s Cube” video, one of my friends, Rehan Mahmood got a shoutout for the idea for the video in the first place. We have been friends for a very long time, and so we came up with the idea for him to come to my house, and we would play the map, and I would record it and turn it into a video. I actually have already prepared the thumbnail and I’m almost ready, but since this video has another person in it, it may be a bit harder to edit, resulting in more time required. I have brought work on the map to a temporary halt, and it is called A Minecrafter’s Mission CV10 (Checkpoint Version 10) which will be a soon-to-come video. If the video cannot be made soon, unlike the last time I thought of this, I will continue the map’s work, so if you have any suggestions, please comment below. Click HERE to see details about the map and it’s play.

Stop-Motion… Rubik’s Cubes!

Well stop-motion is fun and worth going back to doing.